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• 1/25/2016

Is there sulfur on the last smallest island?

I finished the game - all 4 islands!!!! Thank you, developers! Great game with wonderful grafics! Now I am playing on all 4 islands, and I found that there are no sulfur on the smallest one. It is kind not comfortable to go to another island to get sulfur. Thank you, if you add sulfur as leftovers by zombies. Also , it will be great to add more interesting hidden caves like on the right island!

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• 12/19/2016

Changing the map would be a very unlikely update, because it may ruin some peoples houses. They would more likely add on another map. And, I do not believe there is sulfer or bushes on the centre island (one with the large tower that you shut down last). I found that it may be easier to get materials from other islands then walk over the bridge.

• 12/24/2016

If you want to contact the developers I suggest you message them directly from the official Atypical games website, this is the unofficial fandom wikia and is unlikely looked at by the devs. Sorry, but I hope this helps :)

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